Whether you need medical records reviewed or summarized (or, as is often my case, explained), medical-related research for an upcoming deposition or trial, or just want a consultation about the merits of a potential medical malpractice or other personal injury case, Kathy is the absolute best. Her medical background and knowledge, combined with her legal experience, makes her an essential asset on any personal injury / medical malpractice case.
— Richard Gama, Esq.

Kathy’s work was crucial to the successful settlement of the claim.
— Douglas Norberg, Esq.

Kathy’s great!!! I’ve used her services for more than 20 years and have always received a quick response and a thorough and thoughtful analysis, at a more than reasonable price.
— Stephen C. Kaufman, Esq.

Kathy’s assistance has been invaluable. She has taken voluminous medical records and summarized them in a way that not only makes it easy for me to understand my client’s medical history, but allows me to persuasively discuss it with adjusters and opposing counsel. I highly recommend her services.
— Tom Ward, Esq.

Kathy possesses the ability to translate medical terminology into understandable communication that greatly assists in preparing, evaluating and negotiating client medical injuries and resultant economic damages.
— Brian Cook, Esq.

Kathy Aderhold’s unparalleled medico-legal knowledge acts as a crucial short cut to understanding your clients’ cases. Her wealth of experience as a nurse and paralegal paired with her excellent written and verbal communication skills will give you a much-needed edge when evaluating damages. Plus, she’s a delight to work with!
— Ryan Wangler, Esq.

I have been a practicing attorney in the Denver Metro area for over 20 years. Kathy Aderhold does my forensic medical summaries for my personal injury cases. Kathy’s work is always extremely thorough and professional. Kathy is also very detail oriented and always takes the time to suggest if there are other records I should obtain or other issues I should explore. I highly recommend Kathy to any attorney for their personal injury cases.
— Peter Menges, Esq.